Supply Chain Security

April 16, 2020

Amid the uncertainty of our current health and economic climate, there is a tendency to focus on how best to mitigate the financial impact on business. In the case of small and medium sized businesses the financial impact can be more pronounced. For business owners and management, there is frequently a strong focus both on making numbers work and the very real human impact of layoffs and downsizing. Given the variables in the current market, the task of pivoting overall business strategy and practices is a reality for many businesses as they fight to keep the doors open.

In the midst of contingency planning and action (or inaction) to ensure basic financial security, it can be easy to overlook another priority: the basic security of goods and products. While many of us are self-isolating, working from home and doing our best to flatten the curve, the opportunity for product and shipment theft has broadened. Supply Chain, as an essential service, is a very active industry in Ontario and Canada ensuring that people get the essential goods that they need. While the rest of us are focused on mitigating the impact of Covid 19, criminals are focused on opportunities for product and load theft.

Tried and true security measures and loss prevention techniques continue to be relevant to the bottom line. Important basic considerations include hiring practices, restricted access, physical features of the real properties and truck environments. Modern technological considerations are as fundamental - track and trace, integrated security systems, GPS monitoring, security devices, spot checks and covert operations all strengthen the integrity of supply chain operations. While the costs of security implementation and continuation are always an important consideration, these same costs are frequently offset by sending the clear message to would-be thieves that your company is a hardened target with vigilant and proactive security measures in place.

Are your security and loss prevention measures targeted and effective? We are here to help protect your bottom line. Reach out to us for a confidential security assessment today.


Matt Seberras